Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

Shaping the future of healthcare delivery with a focus on Asia through innovative, appropriate and patient-focused care

Our Mission

Delivering safe, appropriate, patient-focused care by leveraging healthcare expertise and clinical excellence globally

Our Values

We do the RIGHT thing
  • We act and conduct our business according to the highest professional, moral and ethical standards, laws and regulations.
  • We honour commitments. We match our words with our actions.
  • We have the courage to do what is right, even when it is not popular.
  • We are honest and transparent. We own our actions, learn from experience and give credit where it is due.

We do it BETTER
  • We always look for better ways to do things, to make things better for the people we work with and those we serve.
  • When facing challenges, we persevere and overcome them to emerge stronger.
  • We stay agile and relevant, adjusting swiftly when technology and market conditions change.
  • We use technology and other tools to innovate. We question assumptions and support our teams to test new ideas, never taking the status quo for granted.
  • We are curious and eager to learn. We take charge of our own development and help to bring out the best in others.

  • We respect each other for our diverse skills, experiences, opinions and working styles.
  • We leverage and thrive on the combined strengths and skills of our teams and partners to bring us closer to our vision.
  • We take care of each other and share our expertise and resources.
  • We communicate openly and timely, and resolve differences in a constructive manner.
  • We make the effort to appreciate everyone’s contributions and celebrate our success together.